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LabNettings is a scientific network for collaborative consumption, which creates a space where laboratories can share their resources and collaborate with laboratories. This allows them to have greater access to materials and equipment, and at the same time centralize the management of laboratory resources, to obtain direct and up-to-date information about the inventory and registration of collaborations.

LabNettings was created by two biochemists, Paulina Salazar and Natalia Rodriguez, supported by Start-Up Chile, Corfo and YLAI, in order to insert the collaborative economy model in scientific area, to promote access to more resources and training of an open and collaborative community.

LabNettings, as a collaborative scientific network, is the space where laboratories can get in touch to collaborate in a formalized way. This allows you to request and make available all the resources you want for efficient management and thus continue the research without delays, increasing scientific productivity. Every shared element is shared as a lab decision and therefore LabNettings does not carry out collaborations itself, nor does it provide the materials or equipment.

By enabling your resources to share (exchange, return, gift or flexible), you will be maximizing the use of these, you will be able to know what other laboratories have available and request useful materials or equipment for your research and deliver in exchange resources from your lab that due to disuse or expiration date you will not be able to use. In addition, you will be able to know the resources you request and share with other labs. This way you will avoid waste, save waiting times for orders and know the resources and capacities surround you. On the other hand, collaborating allows you to meet other researchers in your area, know what they do, who works with them and find new opportunities for scientific collaboration.

There are 4 ways to make your resources available. These are:

    Exchange: A resource is exchanged for another of interest owned by the lab making the request.

    Loan: A resource is delivered establishing a returning date.

    Gift: A resource is given without requiring something in return.

    Flexible: The conditions are established depending on the resource requested or the lab that requests it.

    Service: The conditions are established for the provision of services or sales from this resource (for example: rental, analysis, sale of products or the same item, among others). To be used it is recommended to detail what it includes, costs, time, and others.

If you already have an inventory, you just have to download the excel file from the platform and place your inventory info according to the form. Then you upload this excel to the platform and all the data is online to start using it with the members of the lab.

Keep in mind LabNettings excel includes the following data:

  • Location of materials and equipment in your workspace (private for the laboratory).

  • Tags for more efficient searches.

  • Expiration dates for you to share what you will not be able to use.

  • Collaboration mode for those resources you want to share on the network.

If you want to review our base inventory write to us at

The inventory service is an offline service provided by Globalab SpA to facilitate the lab access to the platform, or simply to update the resources status, whether materials or equipment, within a laboratory or institution.

The service consists of 3 steps:

  1. Visit the location to estimate the budget for the service according to the resources to be inventoried.

  2. Execution of the service in the laboratory(s) requested by assistants trained by Globalab SpA.

  3. Payment of the service and delivery of the inventory of all the resources and laboratories requested.

The invoices for lab subscription to the platform are payable for all these projects. Once the subscription payment has been made, we will request your billing information and send the invoice by email to the Lab Head and Administrator.

If you require a specific nete or for more information on other projects or funds, write to

LabNettings is part of Globalab SpA company, and the platform payments are made by bank transfer or deposit to Globalab SpA account. To receive the account data, enter to registry, select an account for your lab and we will send you the payment information to your email. There we will also request your billing information so you can support this expense, and the invoice will be sent by email to Head and Laboratory Administrator. Any other question can be made to

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